Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Been a while!

Yes, it has been a while. But I haven't been to lazy with tea-business. In July, I took a trip down to the coast for some photography. While that fell through due to rainy weather as soon as we got there. I did stumble across a tea shoppe.

The little--and I mean little--shoppe is on St. Simons Island, Georgia and is called Serenity House Tea Society and Tea Shoppe. They have a unique selection of teas, each with their own fantastic fragrance. It can be a bit hard to decided what tea to select. The selection is Black, Oolong, Green, White, and Red teas. They also have fruit fusions and a wellness collection.

Here are some samples of what the shoppe offers(and some of the ones I plan on getting):
  • Affair du Couer-Black tea, cranberry slices, raspberry pieces, promegranate pieces, peony petals
  • Double Double Chocolate- Black tea, Chocolate chips, white chocolate, milk powder, cocoa bits and other ingredients
  • Black Tea with Coconut-speaks for itself--organic
  • Empire's Treasure Peach Pleasure-black & green tea, rose petals, rose leaves, sunflower petals
And that's just the beginning! The website is currently under construction, but eventually you will be able to order your teas online and they will ship it to you. The packaging amount is by the ounce. And they can personalize! Check out the site and bookmark it for the future!


Joseph T. Richardson said...

Awesome! I recently discovered the coolest thing that you'll have to try out if you haven't. It's Mighty Leaf tea, and it comes in silk pouches rather than bags! They have some great flavors, and it tastes so rich and unspoiled! There's a shop here that sells them. I could send you a few.

Lorea said...

Wow. It's looks neat and bit it does taste wonderful. I wouldn't mind if you sent me a few!